Wednesday, January 11, 2017

2.14.17 SBDM

Tuesday, February 14th, 2017
4:00 PM
  1. Opening Business (7 minutes)
d. Celebrating Generals
e. Recognition of Guests and Guest Comments  
  1. SBDM Living Discussion
          A. Your Duty Under the Law  - Open Records Request and Open Meeting
          B. Business School Improvement Goals (7 min. Holly Smith & Jill Mattingly)
               1. Goals and Strategies
               2. Career Pathway Data 
          C. Wellness Policy Review (7 min. Mrs. Girdley)
          D. Parent and Student Survey Data  (7 min. Mark Webster)
          E. Course Requests Reviewed (CCRL Team 7 min.) 
          F. 2017 Scheduling, Allocation, and Course Offering Implications. 
          G. Training Options for 2017

3. College, Career, Citizenship Policy
A. Extracurricular Eligibility Policy (4th Reading) (5 min.)
4. Budget Review and Planning (Review as Needed)
Living Section 6 Budget - Revised Budget
5. Consultation and Hiring
6. Upcoming Items for March
    1. SBDM Annual Planning Calendar Review
    2. Staffing Allocation Reviewed
    3. Media Program Report - Mrs. Mattingly
    4. Practical Living Program Review Reports
    5. A & H Program Review Reports